Even minor accidents can cause devastating, permanent effects.

Some injuries have no cure and require a complete change of lifestyle.

What Are They?

Catastrophic injuries resulting from a car crash leave the victim permanently changed. Head and spinal cord injuries, the loss of a limb, or blindness require victims to radically change their lives. Paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia) and amputation require mobility alterations to one’s home.

Victims of a permanent injury must adapt to new ways of being active, caring for their families, or earning a living. They may also have to relearn how to eat, speak, or move, which can take a long time and cause considerable frustration. In addition, permanent loss of usual ability often leads to significant and enduring mental health issues.

How to Respond

The learning curve after suffering a permanent injury can be overwhelming. Specialized therapy to adapt to mobility aids or artificial limbs requires patience, time, and money. In addition, some accident victims were the financial provider for the family and can no longer work. As a result, the family faces unexpected financial stresses.

Those who have suffered a permanent catastrophic injury, and the people who care for them, deserve fair compensation. Having an experienced lawyer who can fight for your rights is essential, as these cases can be very complex. At Recovery Law Corporation, we know how to get accident victims the maximum benefits. Call us and get help moving forward with your new way of life.

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