Any injury that results from a collision or other incident will have an impact on the victim.

Unfortunately, most people involved in an accident will emerge from it with damage to more than one part of his or her body. Having to recover from multiple injuries can be overwhelming.

What Does It Mean?

In an accident, the body absorbs physical impact from many directions. Broken bones, soft tissue trauma, and whiplash often happen at once. Shock after an incident can temporarily mask some of the damage, too, so determining the severity of secondary injuries can be difficult. The impact on a victim’s mental health often only becomes apparent much later.

What Is The Prognosis?

Multiple injuries can have long recovery periods. Depending on the extent of the damage, doctors and therapists may suggest a series of recovery procedures, including surgeries, physiotherapy, pain treatment, and psychotherapy, that need to happen in stages.

Return to Injuries

If you have suffered multiple injuries in an accident, your life may be impacted for a significant amount of time. You could be entitled to compensation. Contact our team at Recovery Law Corporation, and we can help you determine what to do next.