Injuries caused in a motor vehicle accident can reach beyond those immediately involved.

Often the resulting hardships extend to the dependents and caregivers of injury victims, as well.

Who is Affected?

When someone is significantly injured in a collision, their family members may become caretakers. Loved ones may have to give up their daily lives to attend to the needs of the victim during recovery (or sometimes permanently).

Injury costs can include work leaves, professional caretakers, and travel expenses. If an accident victim was a family’s main caretaker or financial provider, other family members can feel the stress. When a primary parent is injured, their spouse may need to arrange for childcare. If the victim provided care to an aging parent, the family may need to hire a nurse or attendant to step in. An accident changes the lives of all of those connected to the victim.

How to Respond

While the most important thing to remember after an accident is the victim, families should not overlook their own needs. Families can become overwhelmed when dealing with the lifestyle and financial changes stemming from of a loved one’s injury. Under the BC Family Law Act, family members may be entitled to compensation that can allay some injury-related costs.

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