Nobody expects to be injured. After an accident occurs, focusing on your health is essential.

Suffering an injury can be emotionally draining, as well as physically uncomfortable or even life-altering. Knowing that an experienced professional is on your side can relieve some of the stress surrounding an injury and subsequent recovery. We can help you address your injuries and treatment needs.


A common injury in an accident, whiplash can have long-lasting consequences.

As a serious soft-tissue injury, whiplash can be one of the injuries that is difficult to diagnose. Here at Recovery Law, our lawyers know how to get you compensation for this often lingering medical issue.

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Soft Tissue

Soft tissue injuries are often invisible, but can cause genuine pain for the victim.

ICBC is reluctant to pay compensation for these hard-to-diagnose injuries. Soft-tissue trauma does require treatment, and can impact a victim’s ability to work. We can help you make a successful claim.

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Broken Bones

Broken bones are a regular occurrence in motor vehicle collisions.

Fractures are very painful and sometimes require extensive treatment and long recovery periods. Because this is such a common injury, many victims of broken bones don’t realize that they have a right to compensation.

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Spinal injuries can range from minor to severe.

The neck and back are especially vulnerable to significant and potentially permanent damage in an accident. Due to these injuries, your recovery can be long and slow. In addition, recovery becomes a lifestyle change, which can be costly. Let our lawyers help award you the financial aid you require.

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Head Injuries & Concussions

The skull is extremely vulnerable in a motor vehicle collision.

This means that the force of impact can have devastating effects on the brain. Even a minor concussion can require significant recovery time, and traumatic brain injury can have lifelong consequences. Our legal team understands that head injury victims deserve compensation for their suffering.

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Some car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries.

The damages from these unfortunate incidents can cause dramatic lifestyle changes. Victims of permanent injury can require lengthy treatments, expensive medical apparatuses, and specialized therapy to learn how to navigate life with unexpected disabilities. Our lawyers can help.

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Injury to
a Loved One

Family members of accident victims are often significantly impacted by an incident.

When someone is injured in a collision, their dependents, caregivers, and loved ones often respond to the immediate and long-term lifestyle changes. They may be entitled to an assessment and compensation along with the victim.

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Collisions usually affect more than one part of the body.

Commonly, trauma to the body comes from many different directions, causing multiple injuries. Depending on the point(s) of impact, these can range from minor to severe. Treatments can vary, making your recovery complicated.

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Traumatic automobile collisions can have significant and lingering effects.

Once the adrenaline and shock wear off after an accident, victims may continue to be haunted by details of the incident. These details can manifest as severe emotional distress or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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When an accident proves fatal, the consequences can be far-reaching.

Surviving family members, inundated by grief, can be overwhelmed by the unexpected challenges to their daily lives. Our legal team is prepared to seek compensation on behalf of those loved ones left behind.

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Injury Compensation & Recovery

If you have been injured, it is essential that you see the correct health professionals for your treatment. Often, compensation is granted only after an examination by an approved medical professional.

At Recovery Law Corporation, we have extensive experience working with doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical practitioners to treat your injuries. We can help you find the right healthcare professional for your needs. Remember that the best treatment will result in the fastest recovery. With our comprehensive knowledge of accident-related health issues, we are also able to help interpret the clinical and medical reports from your healthcare providers, in order to value your claim.

We can clarify and explain records provided by:

  • Hospital and Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Family Doctors or General Practitioners (including walk-in clinics)
  • Specialist Physicians (including Radiology reports)
  • Nurse-Practitioners
  • Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, or Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths, and
  • Pharmacists

If you or someone you love is dealing with the repercussions of a Traumatic Brain Injury caused by an accident, contact us.
We can determine the best course of action to get you fair compensation.