If you’ve been in an accident, dealing with ICBC can be a challenge.

Having an experienced legal professional on your side can make the process easier.

Some of the situations we help with:

Claims Adjusters

The adjuster investigating your claim is working to save ICBC as much money as possible. At Recovery Law Corporation, we negotiate accident claims on a daily basis. Therefore, we understand all of the leading questions that ICBC might ask. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side means we can address the claims handler’s inquiries with confidence, and we can make sure the results are to your benefit.


After an accident, medical treatments, vehicle repairs, and recovery can place a significant burden on your finances. Financial help does exist, but you may have difficulty accessing this help unless you have the right advice. The experts at Recovery Law help you to determine which insurance benefits you qualify for and how you can access those funds.


Determination of fault in an accident is a complicated and nuanced process. You do not need to accept ICBC’s initial decision regarding fault. When a legal professional negotiates on your behalf, whether outside of the courtroom or in a trial, your result may be very different from ICBC’s findings. It is always worthwhile for anyone involved in an accident to pursue an accurate determination of fault.


ICBC knows that victims want a quick response to their claims, and they use this to their advantage. Cursory investigations can result in insufficient evidence, which then affects early settlement offers. This results in a payout that is much smaller than it should be. With the help of a lawyer, you can be sure that you will get the the compensation you are entitled to.

Vehicle Repairs

ICBC will usually require you to bring your vehicle to an ICBC-accredited repair facility or claims centre to have the damage assessed. Next, the estimator’s review determines whether or not your vehicle is worth repairing. If the ICBC deems your car a total loss, they will then pay you the replacement value (the actual at the time of the accident). In some cases, repairs to your vehicle can lead to continuing problems. The team at Recovery Law Corporation can fight for your right to accurate compensation.

Part 7 Benefits (No-Fault Benefits)

Part 7 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act Regulations requires ICBC to pay benefits to car accident victims and their families in the event of required medical or rehabilitation treatments, total disability, or death. ICBC must pay these benefits regardless of the determination of fault. However, ICBC might not inform you of your Part 7 benefits. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to have a lawyer assess your potential compensation, and to assist you in recovering the money you are due.

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Reporting Your Claim: What You Should Know

Call Dial-a-Claim immediately to report your accident! ICBC can begin your claim as soon as you alert them.

By law, accident and injury victims must file a written ICBC report within 30 days of the incident. Remember, your information will be most accurate if you can report the situation right away. Victims should also file a CL-22 Accident Application within 90 days. ICBC evaluates each claim to determine fault and potential compensation, and additional documents may be required.

A number of factors determine compensation. If your injury or accident is someone else’s fault (called a “tort claim”), then the other party might be responsible for your settlement. When there is no other party involved (called a “no-fault” claim), your benefits could come from ICBC directly. If you claim an injury, you will be required to provide medical proof. Our personal injury lawyers are focused on getting you the compensation you deserve, and we know how to work with ICBC to ensure your best possible outcome.


If you or someone you love is dealing with the repercussions of a Traumatic Brain Injury caused by an accident, contact us.
We can determine the best course of action to get you fair compensation.